E-Maxx SLOMO Crash

This RC Truck Crash was SO amazing in super slow motion… I had to put it up. I wish I know how many flips and cartwheels this truck did before it landed and I freakin love the grass and mud in the grill after. The truck was 100% fine after the crash. Gotta give some props to Traxxas trucks, every RC Basher breaks once in a while, but this thing took some serious abuse and kept rippin.

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RC Car: Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless –http://traxxas.com/products/models/el…
Battery: 2 Traxxas 5000mah 3S Lipo –http://traxxas.com/products/parts/bat…
Driver: Alex Foster
Location: Dallas, TX
Royalty Free Music: “Appeasing_the_Volcano_Gods” by TeknoAxe www.teknoaxe.com
Cameraman – Bryndon Smith – www.bryndon.com
Camera – Sony FS700 @ 240fps
Edited with FCP 7

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