The IJumpRC Philosophy
Bashing without the Crashing
Everyone who’s been into the Hobby for more than 3 weeks know what “Bashing” is.  It’s where you take your RC Car/Truck/Buggy/Truggy out and you just drive it… however you want, no rules, no special location, no real goal besides having fun.  Bashing is the way most people start the RC hobby, because EVERYONE has access to a back yard, or an empty field, driveway, or nearby park.  The term “Bashing” is a good warning to Newbs, because when you drive the powerful hobby-grade RCs of today at those locations… you WILL crash, and you WILL break your RC.  Its inevitable.  Many “Bashers” graduate to other niches of the RC Hobby… Maybe they start Off-Road Racing at their local track, or Scale/Trail Truck Building & Driving, maybe Drifting, or take to the air with Hellicoptors or Multi-Rotor FPV “Drones.” The hobby has endless avenues to explore, and most hobbyists explore and enjoy several different aspects of RC.

TRX-042-FullPipe-06IJumpRC is just another way to enjoy our hobby that takes practice, dedication, creativity and a different kind of passion for RC.  Although there are no “RULES” for this aspect of the RC Hobby, there are some general principles that Must be taken into consideration.  The GOAL of IJumpRC is to push the limits of what these RC vehicles are capable of in a creative and stylish way.  That means skilled drivers using fineness and creativity to land big jumps, invent tricks or unique ways to drive their RC, make aggressive turns on un-groomed paths, find unique obstacles to drive on, over or off of, ALWAYS trying to land smooth and drive away unscathed… a highly skilled, evolved form of “Bashing” without the Crashing.  Below are some aspects of IJumpRC to keep in mind…

 – The only judges are you and your friends – be creative and do what YOU think looks cool, and what makes you feel good. But challenge yourself to do it really well (whatever it is).

– Style is everything… Yeah it’s fun to huck your RC off a dirt jump and watch it explode on impact (not gonna lie, I’ve done it for a few videos) but its way more fun and impressive to do a super smooth, controlled big jump and land in a dirt transition, then drift around a corner and hit the 2 jumps after that.

– Capture and share the moment.  Shooting and posting video and pictures is our way to show people the very best of the “IJumpRC” aspect of the RC Hobby.  Off-Road racers have ROAR National Championships to show the evolution of their sport and showcase the most highly skilled RC Racers… We’ve got YouTube and Instagram to showcase the best of what we can do, use them, but make sure your videos and pictures look really good.

– IJumpRC is similar to lifestyle sports like Surfing, Snowboarding, Freestyle BMX, FMX and Freeride MTB… it takes a lot of skill and practice and at the highest level, it is almost an art form.  Something that is beautiful to watch no matter what you are passionate about.  We find a lot of inspiration for IJumpRC in watching & participating in lifestyle sports.

– RC Jumping is a community, seek out other RC Hobbyists that like to do what you do.  Watch what they are doing, to get inspired and get ideas.  Take what other people are doing and do it better, or do it in a different way.  Share what you are doing… That is how we grow, how we learn, how we evolve.

RCs will break, unless they’re sitting on a shelf.  We are not ignorant to the fact that doing these kinds of stunts with our RCs will inevitably lead to some big crashes, broken parts, bruised egos and broken hearts.  The other half of the IJumpRC ethos is… “Go Fix Your RC!”  RC Cars break, and your unwavering Passion for the hobby comes in handy when you’re replacing a stripped ring-gear in the diff at 2am to get ready for a video shoot you’re doing with your friend the next day.  It takes dedication to keep your RCs running well, especially when you’re jumping them.  You learn a lot and grow as a human when you wrench on your RCs; you learn problem solving and mechanical skills that become invaluable in other areas of your life.

We find that most RC hobbiests beyond the Newb stage of the RC Hobby really enjoy working on their RCs and IJumpRC is no different.  Although we usually have a very specific goal when working on our RCs… do the repairs, do the upgrades, make them look nice, but do it as fast as possible so you can get back out there and practice.  We don’t get caught up in Brand Wars… having the perfect paint job or the best servo on the market… we don’t worry about going faster than any other RC on the road or about upgrading every part possible.  Our primary focus is to make sure that our RC performs the way we want it to.

In the RC Hobby / Lifestyle, some of the greatest value comes from the fact that its not just a hobby or a bunch of boys with toys… TRX-042-FullPipe-19It is an alternative lifestyle that gets your ass outdoors, it teaches you to “do it yourself”, it fosters creativity, imagination, and challenges you.  The knowledge and experience you gain from digging into your RC, fixing parts, learning about the mechanics of these machines and solving problems are invaluable lessons that you get to take into your careers, other hobbies and all aspects of your life.


Bryndon Smith
The Dude Behind IJumpRC
Just like many of the HORDES of people rediscovering the RC Hobby, I loved RCs when I was a kid.  We never had the money to get into the hobby grade RCs, but I got a Tyco Heads-Up Turbo Hopper for my birthday when I was 11… In hindsight, it was a piece of crap toy RC, but back then it was an indescribable feeling to be able to control my toy remotely, and make it drive up and down the street, off curbs and little ramps in front of our house.  And that commercial…

Lets just say… it inspired me to get the RC Car in 1991, and it has somehow been permanently stamped in my brain as THE most exciting way to use an RC Car.  Many MANY years later, I picked up my first Hobby Grade RC at 32 years old to try and get the feeling back… I knew I wanted a buggy because for me THAT was a Pure RC Car… not a scale version of some other vehicle.  I didn’t want to feel like I was driving a trophy truck, or feel like I was driving a replica of the Chevy Truck my grandpa had when when I was a Teenager (although I want to build that now).  I wanted something that had functional suspension, was fast and reactive, and tough as nails so I could take it off jumps like I remember from the Tyco commercial.  I ended up with the Traxxas Bandit VXL…

From everything I read, it was fast, it was from a reputable brand with good parts support, it was RTR… (I wasn’t ready to build something from scratch yet), and it seamed that Traxxas had a reputation for building products that didn’t break easily.  It was EVERYTHING I wanted and more… right out of the box and it started a love affair, and obsession with driving RC Cars, and making RC Videos in a way that was completely UN-influenced by anything else in the RC Hobby Industry… I never raced, I had never built an RC kit from the ground up with my dad, I never had a friend drag me out to an RC Racetrack to get inspired.  I simply started doing something because I loved it, and it made me feel good.

Coming from a Surf, Snowboarding, Aggressive Inline Skating, and Soap Shoes background… I knew at a certain point in order to push my RC Jumping to the next level, I would need to see what the pros were doing, I found tons of great RC Videos, I had NO idea the RC Community was so big! I watched DJMedic’s Skatepark Pain… I watched the XXXMain House jump.  I watched Ultimate RC product reviews, and hours of AMain Racing… Although there were a few great “Bashing” videos on YouTube, the video quality was usually pretty bad, and it was always just a few videos here and their.  I felt like what I really wanted to watch and do with my RC was very under-represented on YouTube… So I started IJumpRC to make the kind of videos that I wanted to watch, driving the way I wanted to drive and people seem to enjoy the videos.   Apparently, some of the right people enjoyed my videos enough that I got a phone call from Traxxas saying they wanted to work with me, they weren’t sure how, or in what capacity, but they loved what I was doing and wanted to help support my channel… they didn’t even want anything in return, they just wanted to make sure that I had the product I needed to keep making my videos just as they were.  It wasn’t long after that, Traxxas asked if I could produce videos for their YouTube Channel… My response was, I’m just doing this for fun don’t really want the pressure of making them for someone else.  As a professional Freelance Video Editor I already had plenty of clients paying me to edit their projects… And I love it, I LOVE editing, but I wanted something that was just for me.  As I got to know the people at Traxxas better I realized how passionate everyone was about their products and about RC, and how supportive they were of what I was doing and they way I wanted to drive my RCs… finally I agreed to take them on as a client and started producing YouTube Videos for Traxxas in July of 2013.. Starting with the “Slash 4X4 Great Escape” video at TORC in Crandon, Wisconsin.  They were going to fly me out to play with RC Cars, make videos and watch some super sick full scale Short Course Truck Racing from the infield… I was game.

Now, I LOVE making Traxxas videos, because I have the freedom to make the videos exactly how I envision them… I’m able to bring along a friend of mine that is an Expert Cameraman, I can spend a full day or two to edit the videos so they look nice, and I can use music that doesn’t suck (most of the time)… I am extremely proud of the videos that I make for Traxxas, (Over 50 now… here’s a playlist of all the Traxxas Videos I put together with the help of my friends).  Now… while I’m still producing Traxxas videos and loving it… I am putting more energy into IJumpRC, making new videos, and getting some sponsors involved so that I can really help nurture this unique style of RC Driving that I love so much.

Whatever aspect of the RC Hobby you enjoy, be passionate about it, and remember to always have fun. In the end, it’s all about what is most fun for you.
I hope some of our videos can make you smile, give you some ideas, or inspire you to have more fun with your RC Addiciton…