A day of Bashing with Cory Lesovsky of the SoCal Bashers

Cory_0116 year old Cory Lesovsky founded a group called the So Cal Bashers in 2015 to create a no-pressure RC Club that alternates between low-key club races and bash outings.  I was impressed by what kinds of meet-ups this dude was able to pull together, primarily via his instagram account @RC.Car.Vids or http://www.instagram.com/rc.car.vids/

Anyways… I met up with Cory for the day in Riverside to find out what he’s all about and shoot some action with his 2wd Slash on the dirt.  Here’s a few photos from the shoot.Cory-03

Through his Instagram he was able to get support from a few sponsors including: RCJuice.com, HiTec, AsiaTees.com, and you’ll also notice he’s rocking the IJumpRC decal.

The dirt was super loose so the 2wd slash was sliding all over the place, and a little bad luck led to a few broken parts, but Cory didn’t shy away from wrenchin on his truck and kept it running until he ran out of parts.  In the end, it was a fun session and should make for a pretty good video.  This video is live now… check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vC1sLaNumQ


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