Every RC vehicle has it’s own unique characteristics, quirks, weak-points and personalities… I’ve never had an RC that I didn’t have fun driving, but some are stronger jumpers than others.  Here are some Amazon links to a few of my Go-To Vehicles for RC Jumping…
E-Revo Brushless Edition… Although I thought it looked weird when I started out, I have grown to love this 6s beast… It is a very capable jumper with power to spare, great control at high-speed. It’s got low wind drag and handles great in the air because of it’s weight, wing and power.  With the rotational mass of the wheels, you are able to correct your posture in the air to make sure to land wheels down.

Rustler VXL handles great in the air, especially for a 2wd.  Good for going big, because it’s super light, but doesn’t get the parachute effect that a Slash 2wd or a Rally gets. That narrow body really helps reduce wind-drag that can throw you out of whack in the air.

Slash 4X4 is always fun because it feels like you’re driving a trophy truck… I’m not claiming it’s the perfect scale RC.  But it looks cool, and it performs awesome.  The 4X4 handles great on all surfaces and the bumpers and oversized shell protect your RC if you mess up on a big jump.  You are able to correct your angle in the air a little bit with the 4wd version, but you have to learn a little throttle vs speed fineness for your take-off in order to really make this truck level out in the air and look good.

Stampede 4X4 is a beast, super durable, and very capable of hitting big airs.  It is great for expert jumpers because you can throw front flips, and back flips with it and I would highly recommend this vehicle for anyone getting started with RC Jumping… Because of its durability, and it’s relatively easy to work on.

Bandit VXL really isn’t the most capable jumper out there, it has small tires, low clearance and tends to slide around a bit too much on loose dirt.  But it’s SUPER fast, and if you can find a smooth set of dirt jumps… it can do some amazing things in the air as you might have seen in my early videos.  I’ve never seen a vehicle able to whip better, and I used to really enjoy the challenge of getting this thing off the jumps.  Part of RC for me is being able to get the RCs to do things that people don’t expect.  Bandit really is built for a local, groomed, RC Track… but MAN I love seeing it fly through the air out in the wild… not to mention it’s super fast on the street, can hold wheelies for days, and super easy to work on.

If you have any questions about these vehicles… or want to know more details about my thoughts on them please e-mail me or contact me on Facebook or Instagram/Twitter @IJumpRC