File Apr 29, 5 11 40 PMIf you believe in the IJumpRC mission, show your support by putting one of our super-awesome stickers on your RC… or on your truck, or on your notebook, computer, Phone, Tablet, sister, kid… Basically just Rock that sticker and let your RC Friends know what you’re all about, or partly about, or whatever…

The stickers are really good quality, printed on clear vinyl and die-cut… I’d love to give them to you for FREE, but with the printing cost, shipping cost and envelope… it costs me about $1.25 to give you one…  If you see me in person, I’ll gladly give you one for free!  But in order to keep these great stickers flowing, I gotta charge just a little bit… It doesn’t sting much, and the stickers are TOTALLY worth it 🙂
Anyways… Get your super-awesome IJumpRC Sticker Below!



Help support the cause! Select Quantity Above. Stickers are roughly 4 x 1 inch. High quality, pre-cut, vinyl all weather decals.