Traxxas Summit – Rock Climbing Adventure

RC Car: Traxxas Summit –
Location: Cajon Pass, California
Driver: Bryndon Smith –
Cameraman: Terrance Stewart –
– Sony FS700 with Zeiss Prime Lenses
– GoPro Hero 3 Black
– Canon t2i
Edited With: FCP 7
Effects: After Effects CC

I went and scouted this location the week before to see if it’d be a good place to shoot a video…. hiked around for a couple hours with my Summit, just playing a round and knew this spot would make an epic video… so I called my buddy Terrance Stewart (pro Cameraman) to see if he’d be available to shoot.  Lucky for me he was available, also lucky for me, he likes RC cars so he was willing to carve out some time for the shoot.  Glad he did, the video looks beautiful.

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